What are we about

When you want to overcome hindrances and examine at other possible opportunities and experience all that your church may accomplish it is time to take that step forward. We want to help you to experience growth while positioning your church to further your cause and future.

In your case, you do not have to walk this leadership road alone! We can help and empower you with the truth.

In an era of change, leading without significant counsel is a high risk. Vista Pointe is ready and capable with a new set of eyes and ears to partner with you. In evaluation, observation, growth, and leadership consulting, you will see and learn things that you have never seen before. The greatest days are still ahead for your church and all you may need are those outside eyes to help you realize those days can be a reality.

Vista Pointe brings to you honesty and integrity that shares the truth from another perspective. Whether done in private, among your board members, or leaders, we can give you our findings with a productive
assessment to better your church and ministries. Your choices can affect your church’s future. We believe we can make you a better you with a brighter future.

If you are tired of the plateau on which you find yourself and your church it is time to do something different, something bold and aggressive. We will become your partner and advocate, your consultant toward a better church. We can set up a plan customized just for your specific needs. Let’s get started and get to work!